It´s been a while

Hey all,

Soooo, where to start. Uuuuuum maybe from where we are now and then work backwards… At the moment we´re in a wee coastal town called Canoa, we got here early monday morning on an over-night bus from Quito, and after staying one night in a strange place a wee way outa town we found a better hostal in town that a couple we meet on the bus were staying in (10 bucks a night with kitchen, own bathroom and hammocks looking out onto the beach aint bad!).  Canoa is a little town with one main street, and pretty quiet. It´s beach is great for learning to surf so we´ve hired boards for the week and have been getting up early to have a surf while the waves are nice and small, then generally being pretty lazy as there´s not a lot else to do! The other day we took a bus to another wee town not far from here so we could find an atm…turns out the bus doesn´t actually go through the centre of the town, which we didn´t know, so we stayed on it waaaaay to long, waiting for something that resembled a city center, which didn´t happen haha. I got to use my sweet spanish to ask the bus man if the bus would eventually turn around, aparently not. He flagged down a passing bus going the other way which we hopped on and made our way back to a different town where we found an atm and got back to Canoa in one peice. Aaah the adventures we have.

We meet a cool Aussie couple who are awesome surfers following the swell around south America, living the dream. They took us to an awesome eatery that we mighten´t have been adventurous enough to go to otherwise, and we got an amazing fish and coconut curry. I now have a bit of a gasto thing but it was soooo worth it (so much so that I had the meal again the next day haha). We´ll hopefully be meeting up with them in Cusco to do a bit of trekking after the inca trail.

Before leaving Quito we went to the crazy Semana Santa Easter parade which we posted photos of. We also missioned it to Cotopaxi national park for a few days, just getting there was an adventure in itself, having to use our spanish to try and find someone to take us from a wee town that we bussed to, to the actual park itself. It was pretty freezing there and high up, around 4000 metres. Dave said the landscape reminded him a bit of Tongariro national park. It was kinda weird coz there was a few roads that ran through the park, and we hiked for a few hours to get to a lagoon to find lots of big tourist buses there and large groups of people, and there we were, puffed and with massive packs on! It felt a little fraudulent, I think New Zealand has spoilt us in terms of national parks. Anywho we ended up walking up a hill and found a sweet camping spot that had a view of a rocky volcano. My favourite part was the nights; we could see sooo many stars and there would always be this weird thing going on in the sky, all around the horizon it would light up like lightening but without the noise, it was so cool. On our way out of the park we had a great pick-up driver who was really friendly and new a little bit of English, so we managed to have a mixed language conversation with him which was great.

On Tuesday we´re off to Riobamba to see Martin and Anke who are working at the hospital there, and then making our way down to Peru.

I don´t think there´s really anything else to report, hope all is well with everyone,

Love lots, Jess and Dave

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5 thoughts on “It´s been a while

  1. haha you guys have walking sticks! Have you joined a Nordic Walking club yet?

  2. james

    hell jealous

  3. Rebekah

    oh it looks beautiful jess

    • Yea tis, we’re off tonight though, taking a long night bus back to the Quito bus terminal then catching another bus to riobamba, gonna be a long ride! We’re secretly looking forward to a bit of coldness and being able to sleep under the covers again!!

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