“It’s just the energy of the place” bahahahaha

hello followers of our blog
Dave here. well yet again we have been very slack and have not writen in a while. so since we last left off we headed from Riobamaba to a town call Cuenca in Ecuador this town was pretty rad. it was a very upmarketytown for ecuador with heaps of well looked after colonal streets and churches. there seems to be a huge expat community here full of welthy americans retiring to this litle slice of paradise. i got a sweet hat. after we milled the streets of cuenca and took a geeze at the shurken heads we headed to a town called Vilcabamba. we lived it up in luxury in a hostle with a pool and it was very plush. we went on a bike tour of the sourounding villages and to some local coffee planations and a family owed coffe roastary ( i dont think roastary is a word but im saying it anyways, its a place where they roast coffee) it was yum. we all so rode to a panella farm and procesing place (suger cain) this was awse OSH would love it. it was muy reco (very delicious). for the rest of our time in Vilcabamba we laxed out and walked around a bit. Vilcabamba is a strage we town. it has a huge expat community mainly of americans (not to be snide but most of which are the hippy perswsaion, some of which are livng in fear of the american government, but they are nice all the same) it also seems to be a meca for tourists on their “spiritual journies” and time and time again we heard them saying how amazing the “energy” was. we didnt know what that meant so we smiled and played the simple new zealander card. it was a lovely few days in the lap of luxury befor our marathon bus rides to peru.
Jess here. We left Vilcabamba wednesday night and caught a night bus to do the boarder crossing from ecuador to peru. It was super easy, just had to get stamped out of ecuador then walk to the next shed in peru and get stamped in. 9hours after leaving Loja we got to Puira where we caught another bus to Trujillo (8hrs) then got a taxi to Huanchaco, a hot sort of fishing villiage with lots of surfers who wade through the slightly dirty water to catch the perfect wave…we´re not quite keen enough for that!!
I was wondering how different peru would really be; if it would just be a continuation of ecuador, but it seemed that within an hour of crossing the boarder the landscape changed dramatically – the lush greeness was replaced with vast desertness – a pretty amazing sight to wake up to!!
so far weve found Peruvian people are really friendly, although they speak a lot faster then we”re used to!
Yesterday we took an awesomely old noisey bus to the ruins of Chan Chan. We hopped of on the main road and walked in, the desert is so amazing! The ruins were pretty sweet too, we got a guide so we’d actually know a bit about what we were looking at. I’ll let the pictures (once they’re up) do the talking.
Tonight we leave for Huaraz where we’ll meet Martin and Anke for some tramping, yussssss.
I can’t believe how varied South America is, desert and lushness and richness and poverty and freezingness and boilingness all just a day\s busride away, crazy bro.
I can smell coffee so im gonna go have me some. Oh and on our awesome bike round Vilcabamba we saw lots of coffee drying on peoples doorsteps, or on the road, with donkeys keeping watch, it was sweeeeeet. We are having some fun times and being adventurers. the spacebar is missing its really annoying
love yous

Jess and Dave

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7 thoughts on ““It’s just the energy of the place” bahahahaha

  1. Zach

    Meeeeeeeeean street art, and those bundled things look awesome too

    • There’s heaps of sweet street art here, you’ll have to check out all the pics we got when we get home. The bundles are boats! Tonight I was sitting by one and I noticed a dead birds head hanging out the top…it was weird.

  2. meowlissa

    DAVE your knife pouch is awesome!!!!!! Great photos! Yous are cool

  3. jimbo

    awesome moustache/hat combo. how many kids are locked up in your basement?
    do they have community en espanol?

  4. Lydidia

    Freshly roasted coffee!! i am jealous!!! And you ended the blog by going for more JUST BECAUSE you can smell them?? Now I m green with envy and jealousy!!!

    Miss you Jess!!! take care!


    • Haha it was all just to make you jealous ; ) jokes bro. Xo

      • Lydidia

        You are sooo cheeky Jess.. cos you know I am following and reading it… I hardly have coffees in the week now cos its just not fun having coffee by myself but I am go hard out on the weekends…


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