we went to Puno and stuff

hey hey

This will be brief because this internet cafe smells really bad

We went to Puno right near lake Titicaca (the highest lake in the world, maybe, and really huge) on the Peruvian side and went on an awesome boat ride to the floating islands of Uros. They are made out of Totora and from what we could understand the people originaly made them to run away from those gosh darn Incans. The islands were really springy to walk on coz they´re just made from about 3 metres of reeds all piled on top of each other. It was such a lovely sunny day and we didn´t mind that it was a bit touristy, they´ve gotta make their money somehow right? The wee town of Puno itself wasn´t touristy at all, so it was really cool just wandering around seeing the streets filled with all of the people selling food, it seemed like a real community, something that seems to be really strong over here.

We stayed for a few days before crossing the border to Bolivia and staying at the lake-side town of Copacabana. We took a boat ride to Isle del Sol which is the mythical birth place of the first incan king. We hiked the length of the island, which at 4,000 metres was actually pretty puffing, but it was also pretty pretty. Haha there was a stone table where the king was aparently born or something but there was a guy selling stuff on it, classic south america. Also typically we were charged three times as we crossed different ´sectors´of the 6km island, aaaah the joys. BUT back in Copacabana we got to eat ALL the trout for cheap, sooooo delicious!!

Now we´re in La Paz, the highest capital in the world at around 3,600 m. It´s very busy and stuff, but we´ve found some nice bits to wander and eat (ofcourse), like this awesome indian place where you get soup, curry and dessert for $6. Needless to say we are smashing it. Oh and we went to watch Cholitas wrestling the other night. They are the indigenous ladies, who wear the bowlers hats, big puffy skirts and shawls, and then they do WWF style wrestling, throwing each other around and flipping and smashing each other with wooden boxes and dragging each other around by their long plats. They are my new heroes! They´re not all smutty and stuff like western girl wrestlers, they´re just genuinley tought athletic women who put on an awesome show!! Once we get better internet we´ll put up some photos.

We also did the one day mountain bike ride down the ´world´s most dangerous road´. It used to actually be, and so many people would die because it´s so narrow and there wasn´t really room for passing and the drop off the cliff is unsurviveable (maybe not a real word). Now they´ve made a new road that´s paved and safer and this road is now mostly closed to traffic so you can bike down it. It was real fun going speedy but also being a bit scared that you might die if you skidded out on the gravel. We meet a really cool couple from Oz who also went to the wrestling, and at the end of the ride we got to relax at the bottom where it was much warmer with some well deserved beers. On the drive back to La Paz we took some roadies with us and sang along to some great 80´s / 90´s classics with the australians, it was the best bus ride ever. We stopped for a toilet break and it was snowing! It´s crazy how fast the climate changes here as you go from low to high. Speaking of climate changing we´re off to the jungle tomorow for a week to spot some rad animals, definitely looking forward to that plus a bit of warmth!! and we get to fly there yusssss.

okay smell yous later and lots of love xox

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