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woa so it´s been, what, about some weeks or something? We´ve been having some cool as adventures and misadventures and some beautifully lazy times too. Bolivian internet is pretty slow so I´m not going to attempt to upload photos until we´re in England…possibly. Also, on a downer note, our harddrive was wiped of all of our Peru and Ecuador photos, as well as some from La Paz, so hopefully when we´re home we can recover them somehow…so I´m a bit hesitant to do anything with the hard drive til we´re at a good computer.
Aaaaaanywho, enough of that!! So from where we left off we took a tiny plane from the heights of La Paz to the little Amazonian town of Rurrenabaque, 40mins flight north of La Paz. We booked in a 3 day tour of the Pampas and it was INCREDIBLE!!! We had a 3 hour bumpy jeep ride with our awesome guide and 4 other people who were also great – a german couple who were all about conspiraceys, suffice to say many a night was spent listening to Yosef´s take on the world, very interesting!! Sam, you would have LOVED it! And also two girls from Korea who were pretty great too. So, at the end of the jeep ride we arrived at the river and boarded a long small boat, and our adventure began! Everything was exactly as you´d imagine the Amazon to be, with trees somehow growing out of a few metres of water, the driver manouvering the little boat through sectret openings in the bush, and dangling our feet in the water. We saw squirrel monkeys, sooooo cute, and howler monkeys that sounded like aeroplanes as they started up early in the mornings in the trees over our cabins which were perched on the few bits of dry land within the river. Dave went for a wee walk in the trees just by our cabins and found a whole monkey party, it was sooo cool. We also saw a few Caiamains (fresh water crocodiles) who decided to sunbathe right beside the cabin, they weren´t small either!! We saw lots of crazy birds, some were super huge with those big neck things and some birds that were kinda like pretty chicken tree birds that made funny sounds, and some turtles. I think the highlight for me was swimming in the Amazon (kinda freaky coz you can´t actually see anything) with pink river dolphins. Dave, Yosef and I were in there for a about 40 mins, and Dave and Yosef were lucky enough for the dolphins to actually play with them, they would swim under them and bump there legs (Dave thinks one of them actually bit his foot too) and jump around and stuff, pretty awesome and also a little bit scary. Oh and the theory is that when pink river dolphins are around there aren´t any Caimans or other deadly things coz they´re scared of them…or something. Also we went Piraña fishing, we all actually caught one, and dave even got bitten, that´s right, in the Amazon, Dave was bitten by a deadly Piraña. True story. And then we ate them, so haha.
Yep so that was sooooo great, our favourite experience in South America so far.
After getting back to La Paz we headed to Tupiza where we met up with Gina and Eden (I went to school with Gina for about a year, but hadn´t seen her for 10 years) and together we went off on a 4 day tour of the salt flats and surrounding areas. It was super awesome that we ended up all wanting to do this tour at the same time coz they were totally awesome and made the trip even better. I´m sure most of you have seen the photos on facebook of the salt flats, if not get someone to show you. The trip was great but also pretty intense coz of the massive distances you travel each day, but the scenery was amazing (broooo can´t you use a different word for once? No i can´t, i just don´t have the vocab) so many colours in the hills and lakes, reds, blues, pinks, yellows, because of the mineral rich environment. Yep, so we saw heaps of cool stuff, and stuff. It was pretty freezing at the places we stayed at night coz of the altitude and lack of any kind of insulation, and snow. But the last night we got to stay in a ¨hotel¨ (haha hotel, you wish you could call yourself that) made out of salt which was pretty cool. Poor Dave had reaaaally bad food poisoning the third day and had to spend the whole day bumping round in the back of a jeep, but luckily he was all better by the last day. The salt flats themselves were totally crazy and massive and there were natural hexagon patterns all over the flats. There´s a random cactus Island in the middle from where we saw the sunrise oooohhh.
Yea, so after that we were in need of some relaxing and headed to Sucre where we´ve been now for 9 days. It´s been swell, we´ve pretty much just been sleeping in, going and getting coffee, wandering, getting lunch, then heading back to the lovely B&B and reading books in the sun, then watching cable in bed at night time. Sooooo great. Haha shame. It´s a very pretty colonial town with lots of white wash buildings, and although still around 3000 metres, pretty warm during the day.
Tonight we head to a wee town called Samaipata where we´ll stay for 9 days, hopefully camp and swim in the river and eat good fruit (there probably won´t be much internet round there so don´t worry if you don´t hear much from us). Then we head to Santa Cruz for a couple of days (Haha we´ve decided to splurge ($36 hux) and are going to be staying in a hotel with a pool, yea roy!) from where we´ll fly out to LOOOONDOOOOOON. Chea, two more weeks in South America, Craaaazaaay.
So yeap, that´s us mas o menos.
Love you all very much and thinking of ya´ll xox
Jess and Dave

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